Equipment Financing

Equipment purchases can increase efficiencies of any institution, but if ill financed, the purchase can also be the downfall of the company. At Shaffer Capital, we assure to match the proper financing terms and conditions to your equipment purchase.

Financing Terms/Options:

leasing with buyback options
term loans
capital postponement of up to 24 months
 amortization up-to to 12 years
● seasonal repayment


Equipment to Expand production: $1,000,000
Engineering/implementation cost $250,000

Financing 100% of equipment $1,000,000
Soft costs Financing $250,000

Total : $1,250,000
Total: $1,250,000

Shaffer capital facilitated 125% of the financing of the equipment over a 12year term with the first 2 years interest only. This allowed the company to have additional working capital to fully achieve their growth projections.

Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) Financing

One of the most common ways to grow a business or enter the entrepreneurship world is by acquisition. Financing of these types of transactions are critical to the ultimate success of this said integrations.

Financing Terms/Options:

 Cash flow loans
 100% financing available
 Mezzanine financing
● Amortization periods of up to 10 years
 Seasonal repayment options
 Balloon payments available
 Capital postponements of 24 months
 Financing able to be counted as equity by senior debt in certain cases

At Shaffer Capital we can help you focus on the purchase or sale of your company without having to place any energy on the financing. Many entrepreneurs focus so much energy on the negotiations, financing and related aspects of a merger or acquisition, that they lose site of the real objective-their current operations. Thus, reducing profits and the overall value of their business. Jacob Shaffer is highly seasoned financing specialists that can facilitate the proper financing from A to Z, optimizing the value on all points.

Working Capital

Every business owner knows that cash flow is king! Everything has a cause and effect, never lose an opportunity because of working capital.

Financing Terms/Options:

 Cash flow loans
 Unsecured Term loans

 Revolving lines of credit
● Factoring
 Reverse factoring
 Supplier Guarantees
● Insured loans
 Amortizations of up to 7 years
 Capital postponement up to 24 months
 Seasonal repayment options
 Temporary increases in financing to meet seasonal demands 
 Balloon payment
 Financing can be counted as equity

Assets Based Financing

If your company is having hyper growth or Financial distress and needs additional working capital to achieve your goals; Asset Based lending may be best suited for you.

This form of lending may supply you with a higher value than alternative lending facilities. Here profitability is less of a determining factor.

Financing Terms/Options:

 no financial ratios
 no cash constraints
 unlock capital in your asset
 specialize in equity take out
 amortizations of up-to 30 years
 capital postponement of 24 months available

Supplier Guarantees

Supplier credit is fundamental to a healthy cash flow. This is especially true when sales are increased at an unprecedented rate. Shaffer Capital can facilitate financial backing to assure that these suppliers continue supporting you while you grow.

unsecured term loans

Unsecured term loans offer a streamlined way to finance your business goals without the need for collateral. These loans are an ideal choice for those seeking quick financial assistance without the risk of losing personal assets.

Benefits of Unsecured Term Loans

No Collateral Required: The primary advantage is that borrowers don’t need to pledge any assets. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not have significant assets to use as security.

Simplified Application Process: Unsecured loans often have a faster and less complicated application process compared to secured loans, making them a more convenient option for many borrowers.

Flexibility: These loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including consolidating debt, funding a new business venture, or covering unexpected expenses.

Fixed Repayment Terms: Unsecured term loans typically come with fixed interest rates and predetermined repayment periods, providing clear and manageable payment schedules.

revolving lines of credit

A revolving line of credit is a flexible loan that provides borrowers with access to a predetermined amount of funds. Unlike traditional loans, you can draw from this line of credit multiple times, repay it, and borrow again, as long as the account remains open and in good standing.

external consulting services

As a CPA serving as a CFO for hire, Rosina Silla offers specialized financial expertise and strategic guidance to businesses on a project basis. She assists organizations in improving financial performance, managing risks, and making informed decisions. Her services include financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, cost management, tax planning, compliance, and more. She also works closely with clients to establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs), providing meaningful metrics to gauge progress and success in areas such as profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and growth. Whether you need assistance with a specific project or interim CFO support during transitions, Rosina will provide flexible and valuable financial solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Financial Analysis
We specialize in providing comprehensive financial analysis services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our expertise lies in meticulously evaluating financial data to uncover insights and identify trends that drive strategic decision-making. We excel in analyzing financial statements, assessing investment opportunities, and providing forecasts and budgeting advice.

Business Strategy
We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes craft and implement effective strategies for sustainable growth and success. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and organizational strengths and weaknesses. We work closely with each client to develop tailored strategies that address specific challenges and leverage unique opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisition
We offer expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout the entire M&A process. Our team brings a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction for our clients.