Jacob Shaffer


Jacob has worked at various financial institutions over the past 15 years. His commercial banking and relationship-oriented character, bridges the gap between the entrepreneur and the financial institution. Jacob was also the CEO of Beyond the Rack, which is one of Canada’s largest online e-tailers. Thus, he has a strong understanding of business as well as finance.

Japjeet singh

M.Sc. Computer Science

Japjeet will focus on driving digital transformation and growth at Shaffer Capital. With a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, specializing in computational finance, Japjeet brings a wealth of technical expertise and industry knowledge to his new role.

Jessica Bendahan

Jessica's 19-year tenure in finance, complemented by a dynamic 5-year journey as a marketing strategist, has established her as a key growth driver at Shaffer Capital. Instrumental in driving significant revenue growth, Jessica's fusion of financial insight and marketing prowess continues to be a cornerstone of Shaffer Capital's ongoing success.

Joyce Moralli


Joyce's journey spans a diverse spectrum of operational expertise across multiple industries. Beginning her professional journey as a fashion designer, she crafted innovative designs and skillfully oversaw production for prominent lingerie brands. Transitioning into the entrepreneurial realm, Joyce co-founded JJ Refinishing, a niche construction enterprise that serves some of the globe's most renowned hotel chains. Her extensive operational background stands as a cornerstone for Shaffer Capital's triumph, guaranteeing the timely delivery of our commitments and meeting all expectations.

Rosina Silla

Seasoned Finance Executive with a 20-year background in Retail, Fashion, Telecom, and Small Business sectors, Rosina excel in driving financial strategies for growth and profitability. Renowned for financial leadership, she has boosted fiscal performance in various industries, from managing retail budgets to fueling small business ventures. Her collaborative approach fosters innovation and team performance, steering companies toward financial excellence. Holder of an Executive MBA and CPA from John Molson School of Business.